New mediums of collaboration

Last edited 8th September 2020

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The foundation of open source that we build our software on today would not be possible without git. Wikipedia would not be possible without the wiki format. What sort of media are required for the next generation of collaborative tools? Think of things like task management, organization, etc. The major problems we face today aren't going to be solved by software, but rather they are going to be solved by people using software. What do these tools look like? How do you manage distributed activism? From where can you derive trust?

For every task in an organization, there is a different style, pace, and type of communication. The way that engineers work centers around the code they write, so the most successful tools for engineering collaboration also center around code. Similarly, marketing, product management, and outreach all have their own workflows, jargon, and communication style. New mediums of collaboration will have to address the context of the communication or else it will fail.

Inboxes and Task Triggers