Last edited 26th November 2020

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What are Neo-Luddites really fighting against?

I would argue it isn't the technology itself, but the structures of oppression and dehumanization which technology upholds, and to which technology is an integral part of their formation and function. Some of these structures and ideas that allow for oppression via technology:

  • Any sufficiently large system that requires technology to operate and maintain itself is large enough obscure personal responsibility
    • It's the algorithm!, We couldn't predict people would use it this way! And other false ideas and ideologies.
  • When dealing with the scale of machine work, humans become fungible, fallible, and fiduciary risks.
    • Instead of functioning actively as an autonomous personality, man will become a passive, purposeless, machine-conditioned animal whose proper functions, as technicians now interpret man's role, will either be fed into the machine or strictly limited and controlled for the benefit of de-personalized, collective organizations. (The Myth of The Machine) pg 3
  • A quest for efficiency strips away the humanity (could be read as craftsmanship) of work.
  • large scale environmental degradation
  • A virtualization layer between our actions and consequences (easily buying things on Amazon hides the fact that the warehouse working conditions are cruel)

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