Information Deluge

Last edited 25th August 2020

networked thought

How do you begin to dive into limitless information?

One way to dive into an endless pool of information is to have the ability to search. Search engines take this approach, but almost every other application has a search functionality built in for users looking to take the first steps in understanding what information is available to them. The problem with a search first approach is that you have to know what to search for. Even if you do have something specific in mind, you have to try and match the idea that you want more information about with the patterns that the search engine understands. This causes the act of searching to be quite cognitively taxing.

What are logical entrypoints?

How do you find out where you're going and how you go there?

It’s quite easy to start rabbit-holing where you consume a large amount of information, but don’t produce any meaningful insight or outcome

Can there be a sort of Intellectual Wayfinding ?