False Narrative of the Ideal User

Last edited 25th August 2020

Tech and Social Structure quandries of collectivism

The Californian Ideology has an idea of A new Jeffersonianism "ideal" user who never abuses technology and never gets abused by technology. This user embodies an innate sense of privilege that the creators of the technology have. A prime example is this tweet exchange:

Discussion of immutability

The post which Andre is referencing is one where a SSB users explains that the immutable nature of that social network is what keeps people honest. He writes that he is forced to confront his past self and do the work needed to acknowledge his growth as time progresses:

Defense of immutability

Unfortunately, this is the worldview held by someone who has never come under existential threat, never been stalked, never been abused or had their abuses facilitated by technology. The ideal situation here is that the immutable nature of your information on SSB will never be used against you, and you will never have a reason to remove it (removal itself is impossible anyway). While this is one example, we can find cases like this in many technologies we use today.