Evolution of the American Left

Last edited 31st October 2020

Social Change power structures

From the Bad Faith interview with Marianne Williamson:

"The assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK Jr. left a collective trauma on our generation. They were saying politics and displaying a politics that was a container for our highest philosophical aspirations, which are the highest American ideals. They were shot and killed literally in front of our eyes. And just in case we hadn't gotten the point, they assassinated those kids, those students just like us at Kent State, the message went out very loud and clear: The. Will. Be. No. Further. Protests. You will do whatever you want in the private sector...but you will leave the public sector alone. Now an entire generation just did as we were told and took all this amazing talent, amazing ability, amazing educational level, amazing intelligence and poured it into the private sector. Because whether we were conscious of it or not, we were warned away from the public sector. And then those who went with politics, went with the polite kind."

This echoes much of the history surrounding former activists of the era. Many of the Chicago Seven went in to Venture Capital and establishment politics.