Brain vs Mind

Last edited 28th October 2020

how we think
If the big brain was an organ for maintaining a dynamic balance between the organism and the environment under unusual challenges and stresses, the mind became effective as an organizing center for bringing about counter-adaptations and reconstructions both in man's own self and in his habitat; for the mind found means of outlasting the brain that first brought it into existence.

The Myth of The Machine(Page 27).

The mind is an abstraction layer on top of the chemical signals that the brain uses to keep us alive. Our brains haven't evolved dramatically since the first cave paintings appeared, but our symbolism has. This has allowed our minds to outlive our brains. A computer is a giant brain, but it is not a mind. Can we turn it into a mind?

The mind allowed us to begin building reality, to begin to piece together the metaphysical, to stop merely reacting to physical reality and to start shaping it, coming to terms with it, and molding our own realities out of it.